IGP group of Companies Privacy Policy

The following privacy guidelines apply to the website "IGP Group of Company, . (henceforth mentioned as IGP Group of Companies, , hereunder) respects your right to privacy. IGP Group of Companies, invites you to browse this site without revealing who you are or registering with us. However, if you choose to give IGP Group of Companies, personal information via the internet, for example in response to the careers section, it is our intent to let you know how IGP Group of Companies, will use such information.

1. Use of Personal Information / Data

IGP Group of Companies, respects the privacy of their on-line visitors. IGP Group of Companies, gathers personally identifiable data, such as names, addresses, e-mail addresses, etc. only when voluntarily submitted by the user. This information is used by IGP Group of Companies, solely for internal purposes. IGP Group of Companies, will not sell, distribute, or give your personal information to any third party without your knowledge and consent. IGP Group of Companies shall not be liable for any personal information that you submit to external vendors or to any web site linked to this site. It is IGP Group of Companies' intent to keep secure any personal information that you submit to us, and IGP Group of Companies, will continue to take steps to maintain the security of this site. However, the open nature of the internet is such that data may flow over networks without security measures and may be accessed and used by people other than those for whom the data is intended. Therefore, in submitting personal information directly through the site or through email contacts provided in the site, you assume the risk of a third party obtaining that information.

2. Collection of IP addresses and the use of "Cookies"

When you visit our site, some information such as your internet protocol (IP) address, internet service provider, operating system, the Site from which you arrived, and the time and date of your visit may be collected automatically as part of the software operation of this site. This intake of information is entirely anonymous. IGP Group of Companies, uses this information solely for internal purposes, for example, to see what pages are most frequently visited in order to improve the Site.

A cookie is a small file that a web site can send to your browser, which is then stored on your system by your browser.

IGP Group of Companies, may also collect information through "cookies". IGP Group of Companies, uses this information for internal purposes and to personalize the site to your taste in order to provide the best web experience possible. This cookie is not a virus or spy ware program and will not transmit any confidential information to IGP Group of Companies,. If you are uncomfortable accepting cookies from our site or any other, you can set your browser to notify you when a site attempts to send you a cookie, or you can also set your browser to turn off cookies.

3. Spam

IGP Group of Companies, does not send any unsolicited emails (Spam messages). Only users who request e-mail notification will receive it. Such users will have the right to ask for removal of their name from the mailing list at any time.

4. Release of Information to Third Parties

Personal information provided to the IGP Group of Companies, website will not be provided to any third parties unless one or more of the following conditions are met:

Consent to share this information is obtained from the customer. The information is provided in such a manner that the individual customer cannot be identified. The information is provided to a subcontractor to carry out duties on behalf of IGP Group of Companies,. In this case the provided information is limited to just that which is needed for carrying out these duties. When it is deemed appropriate to have one of our affiliate companies or agents act on our behalf. There is some legal or regulatory requirement to provide the information.

5. Legal Compliance and Review/Amending Information

IGP Group of Companies, will comply with all laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal customer information. At the same time, suitable revisions and amendments will be made to the above-mentioned policies. This means that there may be cases in which policies for the above items are changed without prior notification.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at: igp@vsnl.com

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