Elastomeric Bearing Pads
CORIRUBBER ® Elastomeric Bearing Pads
Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads is a block of vulcanized elastomers reinforced internally by one or several steel plates, chemically bonded during vulcanization. .
External Forces being supported
Elastomeric bearings permit the simultaneous support of the following loads :.
  • Absorption of briefly applied external horizontal forces
  • Horizontal movement in all directions through shear deformation.
  • Rotation of the bearing surfaces around all axes
  • Standard absorption of vertical loads.
Elastomeric bearings are made out of chloroprene polymer. These bearing pads are designed for used in bridges and other structures such as buildings as a vertical load bearing component. There are manufactured from high quality material with number of layers of steel plates depending on the type of bearings highly strong and extremely resistance to weathering, ageing with almost no influence from UV radiation and ozone.
Neoprene bearing pads provide uniform transfer of load from beam to structure. They absorb vibration and prevent noise transfer. While reducing the destructive action of vibration between movable and stationery structural members. They permit beam rotation at the bearing point due to deflection or misalignment. May also provide for movement caused by normal expansion and contraction and concrete creep effects and shrinkage. These pads are extensively in bridge structures. These pads provide good resistance to traction, excellent failure strain and performs well with dynamic loads. It has good rear resistance, excellent resistance to aging and a very low load bearing creep rate. This makes it suitable for the requirements of bearings.
Laminated Elastomeric Bearings
Type A :
Single reinforcement Bearing (Not used in civil Engineering structure).
Type B :
The definition for type B according to EN 1337-3 is ; this type has (n+1), reinforcement /metal and (n) elastomeric of constant thickness with perimeter at least 4 millimetres thick and the upper and lower faces with a nominal 2.5mm thickness of elastomeric. The tolerance is (-0 and +2).
Other Type B :
By definition these are different in that the upper and lower elastomeric coatings are thicker. This type of bearing is no longer straightforward reinforcement protected by elastomeric, but designed on the basis of required ability such as Elastomeric a Half Lamination or Passive Coating types.
Type C :
Elastomeric bearings with two external plates and threaded holes for use onmetal structures, or as an anti-lift device: in this latter case, suitable anchor bars must be fitted to the bearings for anchoring purposes.
Type D :
Elastomeric bearings with external plates and pins that connect to suitable steel plates in order to secure the bearing to the structure..
Type E :
Elastomeric bearings with two suitably etched external plates to facilitate the bearing’s bonding to the structure by way of vulcanisation.
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